Don’t Blame Apple for Media’s Failings’s “Apple 2.0” blog features a post today titled, Apple jerks our chains.

The blogger, Phillip Elmer-DeWitt, basically bemoans the notion that Apple is intentionally issuing its quarterly financial report (which is expected to be very strong) on the heels of its troubling news regarding Steve Jobs’ leave of absence. Elmer-DeWitt writes, “Like any company with a knack for public relations, Apple likes to time the release of news — good and bad — to maximize or cushion its impact.”

Talk about having a firm grasp of the obvious. This guy’s grousing over nothing — or at the very most about a PR department doing what it’s supposed to do. This type of situation is largely the reason the Public Relations function exists to begin with. However, Elmer-DeWitt manages to put his finger on the real sin when he writes, “… it’s rare that the public is exposed to such naked manipulation on the front page.” But he’s blaming the wrong people. It’s not Apple’s fault if the business press simply regurgitates news releases on its front pages.

The responsibility to get the news “right” and to report it appropriately rests where it always has — with journalists.

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