How To Become Indispensable: Give Away Your Content

Give it away! Give it away! Give it away, now!

I’m sure Anthony Kiedis didn’t have educational content marketing in mind when he wrote those lyrics. But it’s great advice, all the same.

Plenty of companies recognize that their knowledge and expertise are precious commodities in the marketplace. But many fewer are leveraging these commodities effectively. They should be giving them away. Free. Well … to some degree, at least.

I’m not suggesting that your company give away the farm but offering free content on the Web (in the form of downloadable PDFs, webcasts, podcasts, Flash presentations and the like) is a powerful method of increasing your visibility, credibility and web site traffic. And it can boost sales.

If you think this technique works only for top-tier companies or world-class brands, think again. THEsmallCOMPANYBLOG offered this observation in a recent post: “In terms of general website traffic, ‘free knowledge’ marketing campaigns regularly drive up to 7 times more traffic than sales-related campaigns. And because most people like to share, educational content has a high likelihood of being passed along to other people who will visit your site down the road.”

Offer free content that solves a problem or answers a critical question for your prospects, customers or partners. Show them that you understand their issues better than anyone else. Do this a few times and they’ll regard as you a valuable resource. Do it on a regular basis and they’ll consider you indispensable.

Obviously this is a process, just one step in building a relationship. It requires time, effort and patience on your part. But it’s worth it.

Bottom line … knowledge that you hold onto might make you smart but it doesn’t do much else for you. Unleash a little of that knowledge frequently and you’ll reap some hefty rewards.

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