How To Get Social Media “Right” in the B2B Market

Speaking of social media marketing (which I did in my previous post), HRmarketer recently issued the eBook, The Right Mix: A B2B Marketing Allocation Guide for 2011, which offers a pretty handy overview of the various tactics today’s that marketing professionals can now employ. The publication covers everything from print advertising to direct email marketing to social media (including, of course, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Regarding businesses’ use of social media, HRmarketer observes that many of them are having a hard time figuring out how to accurately measure the ROI of their efforts. As a result, they end up devoting very little time, effort or budget to social media. “On the opposite end of the spectrum,” the authors write, “are the companies that have a false sense of social media, believing it will deliver unprecedented numbers of leads. So they spend most of their marketing budget on social media.” Both camps are mistaken …”

If you’re interested in reading further about HRmarketer’s views on social media and other key marketing tactics, you can download its eBook for free at the link above.

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