It’s Thought Leadership. It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy.

One of the surest ways to establish your organization as a “thought leader” is to create and give away compelling original content. A recent article from, Sharing Content to Show Thought Leadership, explores this and the broader subject of content curation.

As good as the article is, I might have passed it by if its subhead hadn’t hit me like Pai Mei’s Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique: “But content creation can be time- and labor-intensive.”

I read on eagerly but the piece offered nothing to augment this deadly blow of truth. So I will. Content creation is, is, IS time- and labor-intensive. At least it is when you’re creating compelling content—content that educates, stirs debate or advances the frontiers of a topic. This stuff ain’t easy! It requires substantial effort and there’s no way around it. But there is a way to mitigate it: bring all of your resources to bear. Turn all of your organization’s experts loose on the blogs, podcasts, media channels and emerging social platforms that are crucial to your business.

In other words, avoid the common mistake of having everything funneled through and attributed to one individual (e.g., your CEO or the head of Corporate Communications). Don’t subvert the direct flow of information from your real experts. While there’s an element of risk to this strategy, it’s the most effective way to establish your organization’s reputation as a true thought leader. Plus, you’ll do so far more quickly and effectively.

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