Marketers: Master the Arts of Clarity and Storytelling

When it comes to effective marketing, clarity and storytelling reign supreme.

I began writing a post about these subjects when I remembered bookmarking April Dunford’s excellent piece, Can You Tell Me What You Do? After rereading it, I discovered she had written another post soon after titled, The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing. I urge you to read April’s outstanding observations in both posts. She’s far more eloquent on these subjects than I am.

With the growing importance of social media sites, podcasts, webinars, corporate blogs, etc., companies increasingly need to be crystal clear in their messaging. The competition for attention is so intense that ambiguity and nebulous “marketing speak” are certain death.

Clarity of message and effective storytelling. That’s marketing wisdom for the ages. I only wish it had come from me.

Props to April Dunford!

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