Skip the Resolutions. Make a Promise.

Here’s a timely bit of advice from author and public speaker, Matthew Cossolotto: Skip the resolutions in 2011 … make promises instead.

In his upcoming book, The Power of Making a Promise, Matthew explores why and how making promises can literally transform lives. Regarding New Year’s resolutions, he believes people simply don’t take them seriously. Making a promise, on the other hand, is something special — “a heart-centered commitment,” as Matthew puts it.

Here are his seven strategies for making your own powerful promise:

  1. Commit emotionally by making the promise to someone you care about.
  2. Be specific. Promise to lose 10 pounds, not just “some weight.”
  3. Be selective. Limit promises to the handful of things for which you are willing to put your integrity on the line.
  4. Start small. Tackle a few things you can accomplish rather than risk breaking your promise.
  5. Write it down.
  6. Make it public. Publish your promise on a blog, Twitter or YouTube.
  7. Follow through. Make good on your promise — for yourself as much as for others.

So … Happy New Year to you! And make a promise. It can change your life.

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