Smells Like Teen Spirit — or Generational Profiling

If you’re interested in learning more about Generation Y (a.k.a Millennials), grab a copy of the December 17 issue of The Kiplinger Letter. It offers a slew of useful facts and figures.

Buried midway through the issue, however, is the following statement, conspicuously unsupported by data of any kind: “[Gen Yers] sometimes lack conventional communication skills: Used to texting, some Millennials don’t ‘get’ the need for face-to-face chats and may require coaching on communicating clearly and appropriately with customers, colleagues and bosses.”

Say what?

This doesn’t exactly sound like a “spin-free” statement, especially without data to back it. And the words “sometimes” and “may” are the coup de grace. Eliminate the texting reference and you could level the same criticism at the entire American workforce!

Hey, I’m all for clear and appropriate communication in the business world. Nobody should be exempt from it — not even the editors at Kiplinger.

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