The Tenth Circle of Hell: Naming a New Product

Naming a new product or service should be a lot of fun. Too often, though, it’s The Project from Hell.

There are too many cooks, too many half-formed ideas, too many objectives, and too many agendas (explicit and hidden) even at the end of the project, when the time has come to actually select a name.

Hey, I’m all for casting your net widely for input and ideas at the start of the project. But once the initial discussions are over, the marketing/branding team needs to make effective decisions to pare down all of the intake. And this is where teams fall down. One of the most common issues they stumble over? Too many objectives for the new name (i.e., they want the new name to accomplish too much).

The folks at San Francisco-based branding company, A Hundred Monkeys, advise clients to keep their requirements list short. “The more things you want a name to do, the smaller the target you’re trying to hit. In general, the best names communicate one thing really well. Stick to the big ideas.”

See their blog post, How to name a startup, for more essential tips. Even though the post is about naming a startup, many of the ideas apply to naming products and services as well.

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