The Worst Car Ad. Ever.

Take a look for yourself: Rewind

While other manufacturers are touting their hybrid designs, drive train innovations and safety features, Buick devotes an entire television commercial to the radio in its 2011 LaCrosse. And their tag line is “The New Class of World Class.”

Hmmm. I can think of three possible explanations:

  1. Buick has lost the plot.
  2. Buick’s ad agency has lost the plot.
  3. Buick’s engineers have officially run out of ideas.

Does Buick really believe that a radio you can pause and rewind makes the LaCrosse a world-class vehicle? If the answer is no and the radio is just one of many features that make the car world-class, then Buick should have slammed the brakes on this commercial. Or at least demand that the ad be rewritten.

If the company does believe that a radio can make its car world-class, well … wouldn’t you really rather drive something else?

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