2011’s Biggest PR Blunders

I came across the article, “The 5 Biggest Crisis PR Blunders of 2011” today and (aside from the typo) thought that it was worth sharing. These kinds of articles are always fun to read, especially if you work in PR or corporate communications. They also can be instructive.

As Ronn Torossian, author of the article suggests, Herman Cain, Anthony Weiner and Penn State were all guilty of burying their heads in the sand, hoping their problems would simply go away. And Bank of America practically fell all over itself to do the right thing — but only after it realized that doing the wrong thing couldn’t be “explained away” piecemeal.

There are plenty of crisis PR lessons to be learned from the incidents Torossian highlights, and he sums up the most basic in just seven words: “Tell the truth as quickly as possible.” Understand that time is of the essence, he counsels, and take responsibility.

Sounds simple. But lots of companies get it wrong.

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