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Wish Your Content Generated More Sales? Then Drop the Sales Pitches.

The latest North America Consumer Trends Report from Mintel highlights how important building trust is for today’s brands. “Trust has become one of the strongest drivers in how consumers choose products, services, and which organizations and politicians to support,” the … Continue reading

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Are You Monitoring the “Inspirational Health” of Your Organization? You Should Be.

Business process optimization saves companies millions of dollars per year but optimizing processes isn’t a growth strategy. That’s because business processes can’t be inspired. And inspired people, not optimized business processes, are the engine for sustained innovation and growth. Don’t … Continue reading

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IBM’s Remote Work Repeal: It’s Bold But Is It Wise?

IBM is scrapping its pioneering, decades-old remote work program, telling offsite employees to head back to the office full-time or find another employer. The reason? To improve collaboration and accelerate the pace of work, the company said in a formal … Continue reading

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C-Suite and HR Still at Odds Over Talent Issues, Survey Finds

Mercer’s Talent Trends 2017 report offers fresh insights into the lingering differences between how the C-suite and Human Resources view the talent landscape. For instance, both groups agree the competition for talent will increase this year, the report states, “but … Continue reading

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Diversity: The “Readily Solvable Issue” That’s Not Getting Solved

Apple just hired its first vice president of inclusion and diversity. In announcing the appointment, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, called diversity a “readily solvable issue.” Oddly, the company hasn’t seemed all that ready to solve the issue, given the fact … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Need More Star Talent

The world’s best-performing companies possess more star talent, right? That’s the secret to their success, right? And these companies attract superstars through extravagant salaries and perks, right? Turns out all of these assumptions are dead wrong. Research shows the best-performing … Continue reading

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The War for Talent Isn’t Over or Lost, Fast Company Article Notwithstanding

“The War For Talent Is Over And Everyone Lost.” That’s the headline of Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s and Adam Yearsley’s recent Fast Company article, and here’s the callout that follows it: “Instead of winning a war for talent, organizations appear to … Continue reading

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