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C-Suite and HR Still at Odds Over Talent Issues, Survey Finds

Mercer’s Talent Trends 2017 report offers fresh insights into the lingering differences between how the C-suite and Human Resources view the talent landscape. For instance, both groups agree the competition for talent will increase this year, the report states, “but … Continue reading

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Can A.I. Heal the Broken Recruiting Process?

Here’s how broken the corporate recruiting process is: 85% of job applicants never hear back from employers after submitting a job application … and 71% of employers claim they can’t find candidates with the right skill sets. The good news, … Continue reading

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Employees, the Performance Review Revolution Can’t Happen Without You

For the past few years, employers have been ditching annual performance reviews for alternative approaches—more frequent appraisals, informal one-on-one discussions, and performance coaching, to name a few. The list of reasons behind this exodus is as long as your arm: annual … Continue reading

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2017’s Sure Bet—HR Will Strengthen Its Digital Embrace

The sweeping impact of digital technology has been a hot business topic throughout 2016. Digital is not only transforming the ways we work but also the ways we engage and manage talent—all of which carries major implications for HR. Accenture … Continue reading

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HR’s Monumental Step into the Golden Triangle

CHROs are forging unprecedented relationships with CEOs and CFOs, according to Lancaster University’s Anthony Hesketh in the Harvard Business Review special report, “The Call for a More Strategic HR.” Hesketh calls these relationships “golden triangles”—triumvirates that fuse strategic, financial and … Continue reading

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