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C-Suite and HR Still at Odds Over Talent Issues, Survey Finds

Mercer’s Talent Trends 2017 report offers fresh insights into the lingering differences between how the C-suite and Human Resources view the talent landscape. For instance, both groups agree the competition for talent will increase this year, the report states, “but … Continue reading

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Technology Alone Won’t Make Your Organization Agile

What’s the difference between agile working and flextime? As Alison Maitland explains in her Financial Times article, the difference is profound: “Flexible working arrangements, which have been around for a long time, are individually negotiated, require management permission and are seen primarily … Continue reading

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Two Great Reasons To Get Your Company Culture Right

Google the term “company culture” and you’ll find yourself, like Alice, falling down a very deep rabbit hole. Only this one doesn’t lead to Wonderland. It leads to a mind-bending universe of conflicting ideas and opinions. For example, you’ll discover there … Continue reading

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Sick of All the Employee Engagement Talk? It’s Far From Over

Some people have gotten fed up with the hoopla surrounding employee engagement, as evidenced by these articles from Fistful of Talent, HR Magazine and ERE Media. It’s not hard to understand their feelings. After all, we’ve spent millions of dollars … Continue reading

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Business Leaders, Stop Performing at the Podium!

If you’re a business leader who makes frequent presentations, here’s an excellent piece of advice from speechwriter and speaking coach, Matthew Cossolotto: stop “performing” at the podium and communicate authentically instead. Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to make a … Continue reading

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We Need To Clone Tom Szaky!

Szaky is the founder and chief executive of TerraCycle, a company that sells consumer products made from recycled waste. Sure, I like what his company does … but that’s not why we need scores of Szakys. We need to replicate this … Continue reading

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It’s Thought Leadership. It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy.

One of the surest ways to establish your organization as a “thought leader” is to create and give away compelling original content. A recent article from, Sharing Content to Show Thought Leadership, explores this and the broader subject of … Continue reading

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