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Why You Don’t Need More Star Talent

The world’s best-performing companies possess more star talent, right? That’s the secret to their success, right? And these companies attract superstars through extravagant salaries and perks, right? Turns out all of these assumptions are dead wrong. Research shows the best-performing … Continue reading

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The War for Talent Isn’t Over or Lost, Fast Company Article Notwithstanding

“The War For Talent Is Over And Everyone Lost.” That’s the headline of Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s and Adam Yearsley’s recent Fast Company article, and here’s the callout that follows it: “Instead of winning a war for talent, organizations appear to … Continue reading

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Can A.I. Heal the Broken Recruiting Process?

Here’s how broken the corporate recruiting process is: 85% of job applicants never hear back from employers after submitting a job application … and 71% of employers claim they can’t find candidates with the right skill sets. The good news, … Continue reading

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Two Great Reasons To Get Your Company Culture Right

Google the term “company culture” and you’ll find yourself, like Alice, falling down a very deep rabbit hole. Only this one doesn’t lead to Wonderland. It leads to a mind-bending universe of conflicting ideas and opinions. For example, you’ll discover there … Continue reading

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8 of the Best Retention Strategies of 2016 (But Should You Even Care About Retention?)

2016 delivered a bumper crop of advice on how to keep your best employees from walking out the door. HR pundits and talent experts produced literally dozens of articles, blog posts, research reports and videos focused on retention. Here are … Continue reading

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The Best Predictor of Recruiting Success? It’s Probably Not What You Think

When it comes to achieving your company’s recruiting goals, what’s the single most important predictor of success? Is it how much you spend on jobs ads? Which job boards and recruiting channels you use? The quality of your ATS and … Continue reading

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